Charleston’s Top Craft Beer Bars

craft beers

Craft beer aficionados have no shortage of places to enjoy a beer in Charleston. And whether you're looking for the best local IPA or unique microbrew, these bars are home to the best craft beers in Charleston: Located at 453 King Street, Closed for Business Draught Emporium has been singled out by the Charleston City Paper as having the best beer … [Read more...]

Where to Find the Best Burgers in Charleston


Charleston is home to some of the most diverse and mouth-watering menus in the south, with countless restaurants serving up world-class barbecue, Cajun cooking, Asian cuisine, vegetarian options and more. But, sometimes, we like to keep it simple. Burger-and-fries simple. If your on the prowl for the best burger in Charleston, look no farther than these … [Read more...]

Sign up Now for The Color Run 5K Race in North Charleston

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Have you made the decision to get into shape? One way to test your fitness level and have a great time doing it is by signing up for a 5K race in Charleston. Combine it with color and get moving by joining the 2014 Color Run! On Saturday, May 3rd this 2014, you can join a group or run solo at The 2014 Color Run, where you can get covered in vibrant colors … [Read more...]

Tips to Increase Speed on the Fitness Center Treadmill

Tips to Increase Speed on the Fitness Center Treadmill

One of the best things about living in a North Charleston apartment with a fitness center is that you can still workout in bad weather. When the day is too cloudy, soggy and nasty for outdoor activities, grab the nearest treadmill and get started on a challenging cardiovascular workout! Treadmill running can be boring, but that doesn't mean it cannot be … [Read more...]

North Charleston’s American LaFrance Fire Museum Attraction

North Charleston's American LaFrance Fire Museum Attraction

Did you ever wonder how the early American settlers attempted to fight fires? The North Charleston and American LaFrance Fire Museum can answer your questions with an incredible collection of fire fighting equipment dating back to the 1700s. Located at 4975 Centre Pointe Drive, The American LaFrance Fire Museum is one of the more informative of North … [Read more...]

Under the Sea at Charleston’s Aquarium Attraction

Under the Sea at Charleston's Aquarium Attraction

Not far from our luxury Charleston apartments is one of the most popular attractions in Charleston. The South Carolina Aquarium is right on the Charleston Harbor at One Aquarium Wharf, and it's a fun place to visit with family, friends or even co-workers. Besides being one of the top aquariums in the country, with myriad species of birds, reptiles, … [Read more...]

How to Detail Your Own Car in the Garage (and Save Money)

How to Detail Your Own Car in the Garage (and Save Money)

Spring is in the air and that means it is a great time to clean your car out and get it looking like new again. When you are ready to pull your car out of the garage in North Charleston, follow these tips and you will not only save money, you will have a car your proud to show off. Pull out your carpets and blow them out with an air compressor. … [Read more...]

Treat Your Dog to Luxury at The Pet Mahal in North Charleston

Treat Your Dog to Luxury at The Pet Mahal in North Charleston

Your pet needs pampering and TLC just as much as you do, and while you can make sure they stay healthy with regular trips to your favorite veterinarian, giving them a bath at home just isn't the same as letting them bask in the luxury of a 'spa day.' Luckily, in Charleston, you can treat your pet to a spa like experience at The Pet Mahal. If you are … [Read more...]

Try Something New at Charleston’s Savory Vegetarian Restaurants


When you want to get out of the kitchen of your pet-friendly apartments in North Charleston and leave the cooking to someone else, there are plenty of restaurants in North Charleston that you can choose from. Rather than going with a traditional burger joint, steakhouse, fast food eatery, or other good old stand-by, you should try something new at … [Read more...]

Shape Up with Jillian Michaels at North Charleston Coliseum


Do you have a fetish for fitness, or are you still lounging on the sofa of your pet-friendly apartments in North Charleston, thinking about a workout instead of actually engaging in one? Then you won't want to miss one of the healthiest North Charleston Coliseum events of the year. On April 12, 2014 at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center, you'll … [Read more...]